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How I Discovered Tag Away Skin Tag Removal

If you’re irritated by those pesky skin tags, you are not alone. I have personally tried to live with those awful skin tags in my neck and under my arms. Thinking that I would probably spend a fortune having to get them professionally removed, I just endured them since I don’t have a fortune to spend on a dermatologist. But when social gatherings came up and I absolutely have to be there, I had to face the ugly truth; those skin tags were really embarrassing. But that was before I discovered Tag Away Skin Tag Remover.

tag away skin tag remover

I guess I was lucky when one of my friends told me about how she was able to get rid of her skin tags using a product called Tag Away Skin Removal. I thought I check it and I was amazed how good it was and after using it and getting positive results, I decided to write this article and share it with you. So for those of you who are wondering, does Tag Away really work, this article is for you.

After being recommended this product, I first went online to read some credible Tag Away Reviews. Some of them have a negative feedback about its bad smell and that it would take a few weeks of use to work compared to another chemical based product that would only take a few days. Other than that, I was surprised that many were satisfied so I decided to ignore the few negative comments and go on with purchasing Tag Away. To read more check this site http://www.tagawayreview.net.

I later found out that the reason it would take a few weeks of use to see results is because Tag Away is made of all natural plant extracts. Its active ingredient is extract from Thuja Occidentalis and is made up of pure essential oils. I have tried another product that claims to get rid of skin tags but I got frightened by the chemicals in it and the procedure that you have to do to use it. It’s like doing a minor surgical operation!

This other chemically based product in the market claims to get rid of skin tags in just a few days. I decided to buy it too and follow the instructions. I was shocked that this other product comes with a nail file and a set of instructions on how I should use it, very different from the very simple wipe and apply method in Tag Away.

Following the instructions, I first had to scratch the skin tag that I want to apply the product on, to expose live skin cells. It basically means that I use the nail file that came with the product and file my tag so that the dead skin is scraped, exposing skin! I now had to poke it with a toothpick to make sure it hurts, which means I did it right. While doing this, I was concerned I maybe irritating the skin tag or exposing it to infection.

Afterwards, the instructions were to wash it with warm water with soap. The warm water the instruction says is to open the pores and prepare it for the chemical. By this time, I feel like I am doing a mini medical procedure on myself! Definitely, this other product is NOT for me.

Now, do you want to know how to use Tag Away? In Tag Away, no such procedures are required. I just put it on and I was done! Quick, fast and simple! I applied it three times a day, all I had to do was to wait for the results.

After a few weeks of using Tag Away, I noticed that my skin tags are gone; they just fell off! A few weeks of using it to get rid of skin tags is worth the wait if you want to use a natural homeopathic product such as Tag Away. Other products may do the job faster, but with harsh chemicals that may compromise your health, would you want to take the risk? I certainly didn’t want to, that’s why I use Tag Away Skin Tag Remover and you should too.

This amazing product is worth the price, the wait, and the results are just fabulous. With these skin tags out of the way, I can get back to the social life I have been trying to avoid without worrying about those upsetting skin tags. If you want to get rid of those pesky skin tags like me, check out Tag Away Skin Tag Remover today.


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